Wednesday, 15 November 2017

BC Citation Award Winners: Motion Specialties & Roy Grieve

The purpose of the BC Citation Award is to acknowledge the contribution or accomplishment to the health and well-being of British Columbians of an agency, program or individual, who is not an occupational therapist.

CAOT-BC is pleased to announce the 2017 Citation Award Winners for BC: Motion Specialties and Roy Grieve

Motion Specialties 

Since 2015, Motion Specialties has partnered with CAOT-BC as a host venue for regional CAOT-BC Networking & Education Days. In addition to providing an in-kind venue, Motion Specialties has organized sponsorship for the event to support the costs of refreshments, audio-visual needs as well as other logistical requirements.

As a result of this support, CAOT-BC has been able to target revenues from these events to public awareness activities. 

Now run three times at the Burnaby location, Motion Specialties and their dedicated staff have helped make each event a success. 

Roy Grieve

Roy works at Creative Mobility Products in Kelowna, and is well known by local occupational therapists. In his nomination, Roy was described as: 

“[A] tattooed, ball cap-sporting friendly fellow, always with a Tim Horton’s coffee somewhere in sight…Upon receiving a work order, he makes sure to call the clinician, just to communicate that he is headed out on the job and clarify anything ambiguous. …He knows all the OTs, Physios and nurses by name. In the home, Roy is an expert at efficiently setting up beds, lifts, poles and the like. …If anything goes wrong, Roy is immediately on the scene to trouble-shoot, repair, replace and/or service his clients in whatever is needed.…Roy is the most persistently grateful, humble, and dedicated employee I have ever met.” 

Congratulations to the award winners, and a big thank you for your contributions and support!


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  1. Congratulation Roy
    Always knew you were an great man. You deserve this award.