Thursday, 26 April 2018

Stay Up-To-Date on Research!

Don’t forget – as a member of CAOT and CAOT-BC, you have unlimited free access to the following international and domestic journals, magazines, database, and bulletin:

Here’s a glimpse at what’s been published so far in 2018:

AJOT: Interventions for Women with Substance Abuse Issues: A Scoping Review
There has been a clear shift toward harm-reduction and a multi-faceted intervention approach using education, psychotherapy, and developing component skills. There is some evidence to support the efficacy of occupation-based intervention, but more evidence is sorely needed.

BJOT: Occupational therapists' contributions to fostering older adults' social participation: A scoping review

It appears to be cost-effective to foster social participation in older adults and OTs must find ways to incorporate this into practice. Community stakeholders must be engaged in research.

CJOT: Occupational transition in the process of becoming housed following chronic homelessness
To increase instances of community inclusion, housing retention, and adequate support for people who transition from being homeless to housed, the occupations of a chronically homeless person must be considered.

Post by Catherine Lloyd, fieldwork student with CAOT-BC


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