Wednesday, 25 October 2017

cOnnecT with Tracy Adams

Tracy in Penang, Malaysia
Why did you choose OT as a career?
I actually didn’t know what I wanted to be when I was graduating high school or even in the first few years of my undergrad degree. I changed my mind so many times, from wanting to be a doctor, nurse, teacher, recreation therapist, even a florist at one time. I had one interaction with an OT at the day program I was working in during the summer, the OT at the time came to see one of the kids I was working with to check out their seating. I find this really funny considering now as an OT, I really dislike equipment. There was something about the OT’s questions to the client and myself about day to day life and participation that really perked my interests, I went home and looked up the profession and thought THAT is exactly what I want to do.

What is your favourite thing about CAOT-BC?
My favorite thing about CAOT –BC is that it really expands your perspective of the profession to a larger stage. It’s a great way to connect with other OTs, hear their viewpoints and learn about their successes. It can be really easy to get stuck in your day to day, being involved with CAOT-BC does allow you to participate and practice being an autonomous and regulated health care professional.

Where have you worked over your career? Where do you work now?
I have been really fortunate to work in a number of different settings. I started working in Tertiary Mental Health Rehab, and then moved to an Assessment and Treatment unit also within Tertiary Mental Health Services. I then moved out into community where I was a case manager on a Mental Health Team before working on the ACT team (Assertive Community Treatment). I held an OT and Concurrent Disorder Clinician position on the ACT team before moving into professional practice where I was the Clinical Resource Therapist for Mental Health and Substance use before landing into my current role as Practice Coordinator for Mental Health and Substance Use.
I also wear many hats, when I’m not being a practice coordinator/OT, I am working/volunteering with the Canucks Autism Network. I’ve been with this organization for several years and have watched it grow into a great community. I feel my OT lens has really helped me support and assist program development with this team.

What is your personal philosophy about volunteering and giving back to the profession?
A wise OT once told me, ‘if not you, then who’. If you have an idea or want to try something out then go for it. At the end of the day, at least you can say you tried.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
I am a first generation born Canadian and the first female on my mother’s side to go to post-secondary. My parents, including my in-laws are mixed ethnic couples. I feel very fortunate to be so supported and accepted as I am continuously mindful that not everyone has the same privilege. 

What do you do when you aren't working and volunteering?
When I’m not working or volunteering, I’m catching up with family or friends, trying new restaurants in the lower mainland, watching football during the NFL season and always exploring and planning my next travel adventure.


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